6 Things You Wish You Didn’t Know About Dog Poop But You Should According to Chewy.com Experts

According To The Experts At Chewy.com, You Need To Know All These Things About Dog Poop

Be prepared, according to Chewy here, there are 6 things about dog poop you’ll wish you didn’t know, but glad you can do something about.

1. Dogs use carpet to wipe any excess poop. You know those off colored spots on your carpet? That might not be dirt. :/ Dogs love to use carpet fibers to rub their behinds like toilet paper.

2. Dog poop attracts rodents and parasites. Don’t let your dog’s feces become a fancy feast for unwanted guests. Pick up your dog’s poop before the rats and mice do.

3. DNA can help catch people who don’t pick up after their dog. Now you can get definitive proof of your neighbor’s unwanted gifts. PooPrints, a Tennessee business, helps people catch these ne’er-do-wells using DNA matching technology!

4. Dogs poop a lot. Adult dogs poop 1-3x a day, puppies up to 5x a day, and seniors maybe 1x a day. Over a year, that can be up to 300-500 lbs of poop — that’s a lot to pick up.

5. Happy poops equal happy pups. Dog poops say a lot about their health. For the most part, if it’s easy to pick up, your dog’s probably doing alright. If it’s runny, bag it for the vet to check.

6. Dog poop may contaminate groundwater. It doesn’t fertilize the ground like you think. It contains E.coli and Salmonella. Again, do your part — pick up after your dog. It helps the environment, your dog’s health, our health, and keeps our community clean. If you physically can’t, won’t, or just don’t have time, contact us above and we’ll help you out!