Image of Gilbert water tower. It is a local landmark that can be seen for miles. The residents of Gilbert recognize it as an historical site and anchor for downtown Gilbert.

Gilbert, Arizona: A Family-Friendly Oasis

  • Gilbert, AZ, is a friendly town.
  • Families and dogs love it.
  • Safety is a priority here.
  • The schools excel.
  • Gilbert offers dog services, dog parks, and dog events.

Gilbert a community that Cares: Family and Furry Friends

  • The community actively supports family events.
  • Parks and recreational options abound.
  • Enjoyment for families and their furry friends.

Dog Services for Convenience and Joy

  • You'll find dog services like grooming and vet clinics.
  • Making life with dogs easy and enjoyable.

Dog Parks: Safe and Social Spaces

  • Gilbert boasts dog parks where dogs can play off-leash.
  • These parks are safe and well-maintained.
  • Perfect for dog exercise and socializing.
  • Cosmo Dog Park is the largest in Gilbert. Click here to visit: Cosmo Dog Park
  • Another dog park to visit: Crossroads Dog Park

Year-Round Dog Events: Pawsitive Community Bonding

  • Throughout the year, Gilbert hosts dog-focused events.
  • Festivals, adoptions, and charity walks.
  • Fostering community bonding and dog enjoyment.

Exploring Nature with Furry Companions

  • Open spaces and trails offer opportunities for leisurely dog walks.
  • Allowing dogs and owners to appreciate Gilbert's natural beauty.

Meet Maggie's Scooperstars: Keeping Gilbert Clean for Over 20 Years

  • Maggie's, a local service deeply rooted in Gilbert.
  • Specializes in providing pooper scooper services for dog owners.

Dedicated Pooper Scooper Services

  • Maggie's Scooperstars excels at helping dog owners maintain clean and hygienic outdoor spaces.
  • They offer regular poop scooping services, typically on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
  • Ensuring prompt removal of pet waste from yards and other outdoor areas.

Customized Service Plans

  • Dog owners have the flexibility to choose from various service plans.
  • Tailored to suit their specific needs.
  • Accommodate the number of dogs they own.

Eco-Friendly Waste Disposal

  • Responsible pet waste disposal is a top priority.
  • Many scooper services, including Maggie's, ensure that collected waste is disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Methods like composting or using dedicated waste disposal facilities.

A Trusted Local Service

  • Maggie's Scooperstars proudly stands as the longest-running and most trusted Professional Pooper Scooper Service.
  • Serving the local Phoenix metro area for over two decades since 2002.
  • A prime example of the many services available in Gilbert.
  • All contributing to the town's overall quality of life for residents, their beloved pets, and the canine-friendly atmosphere that makes Gilbert, Arizona an exceptional place for dogs.