Help! What Do You Do With Your Dog Poop In This Heat?

19 Real People from Arizona Answer This Question Truthfully and Honestly on Reddit

With this scorching summer heat, it’s a real issue for us in Arizona, where temperatures can reach over 120 degrees. Thinking about piles of dog poop festering in garbage cans for a week before the city picks it up can make anyone’s skin crawl. But there are some great ways to tackle this issue, according to some clever folks on Reddit here -- and I’ve picked the best tips for you below!

1. If you keep your garbage can inside your garage, put it outside – on the side of the house. It just stinks up your home, especially in this heat.

2. Keep a separate, smaller trash can just for dog poop. Get a small, galvanized metal trash can with a lock-down lid, put a trash bag in it, and toss the dog poop in there. Once full and/or on trash night, put the entire bag of poop in the large rolling can once it’s full. Still stinks but doesn’t stink up the entire rolling can.

3. Use doggie bags and double bag – keeps the smell in and flies at bay.

4. If possible, leave the poop in the sun for a few hours to bake and dry. They have less smell in the heat and they’re easier to pick up.

Woman picking up dog poop from her dog that she is walking