6 Things You Wish You Didn’t Know About Dog Poop But You Should According to Chewy.com Experts

According To The Experts At Chewy.com, You Need To Know All These Things About Dog Poop Be prepared, according to Chewy here, there are 6 things about dog poop you’ll wish you didn’t know, but glad you can do something about. 1. Dogs use carpet to wipe any excess poop. You know those off colored […]

Help! What Do You Do With Your Dog Poop In This Heat?

19 Real People from Arizona Answer This Question Truthfully and Honestly on RedditWith this scorching summer heat, it’s a real issue for us in Arizona, where temperatures can reach over 120 degrees. Thinking about piles of dog poop festering in garbage cans for a week before the city picks it up can make anyone’s skin […]